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Instructor Certification Program

If you love to dance, have fun, need flexibility and want an opportunity like no other program, then any of our Salsa Babies™ Family of programs, may be the perfect solution for you!

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Why become a Certified Instructor?

In becoming a certified Salsa Babies™ instructor, you will

benefit from established and proven programs, and the

branding and positive reputation Salsa Babies has established

since 2002.

With 5 different programs to choose from, our Salsa Babies,

Salsa Bellies, Salsa Tots, Salsa Kids and Salsa Senioritas

programs will always offer you an opportunity to keep


Unlike other opportunities, we work with you directly,

step by step, for the first 3 months to ensure you have the business basics to set a good foundation AND the dance understanding

to make sure your customers keep coming back for more!

Weekly training and detailed instruction, for the first 3

months, to help you KICK OFF your classes with the best opportunity for success!

As well, when you become a Member, you will have access

to marketing materials, original music, class outlines, curriculum materials, additional business opportunities, and ongoing

training materials to help keep your

classes fresh.

At the same time you will be your own boss and have

the autonomy to make decisions and set your schedule around

your needs!

Our Certified Instructor program is not like anything you

have seen before!

Get tools to run your business

As a Certified Instructor in ANY of our 5 programs, you will be provided with all advertising and class materials, and a variety of original music created JUST for use in our programs, the ability to list and take registrations from our website for higher visibility and enrollment, numerous class curriculum outlines, new moves and training videos.

We also offer MANY additional business training modules, at low or no cost, to help you truly invest in the strength and longevity of your business.

You will also get access to our Salsa Babies Instructor Familia Facebook Group where you can connect with, learn from and brainstorm with other instructors and our Head Office team.

Become a Certified Instructor in 4 steps

Join Training

Pick which of our programs suit your style and get immediate access to start training.

You may choose to train for more than one program at a time, for a bigger opportunity!

Our Kick Start Training Program has been a THE proven method we have used to help hundreds of people finish their training, get a healthy start on achieving full classes AND setting a solid understanding of how to keep a business growing.

Start with our Kick

Start Coaching


Our Kick Start Coaching Program is 3 months long, with a 2 week Pre-training period to start.

Pre-training starts immediately upon purchase.

With the core training we offer weekly training videos and tips for 3 months, as well as numerous recorded class and training videos and written manuals.

Get Your First

Session Running

After passing your exam, and during our 3-month Kick Start Program, you will prepare to advertise and run your first REAL session of classes.

Your Certification fee will give you access to the training for up to 5 months.

Our training is set to push instructors to be ready to start teaching between the 3-4 month mark. Accountability included!

Become a Member

Become a Member of our team and see just how far your business will grow!

Becoming a Member allows you to continue to use our Branded programs, our Trademark protected program layouts and steps, our Copyright protected music etc.

Membership also includes unlimited class listings on our website, marketing materials, new music, ongoing training opportunities, additional class variations and income streams, class materials and curriculum.

Membership is $37 USD per month.

Get started on your journey to becoming a Certified Instructor. Choose a program to start online training now.

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